H-File Nitiflex Files- Niti Files

  • The nickel titanium alloy used in NITIFLEX is more flexible than any stainless steel alloy available for endodontic instruments. Moreover, the special core geometry and cross section change progressively throughout the range of sizes, giving NITIFLEX files their unique linear flexibility. With conventional stainless steel instruments, thicker files are less flexible than finer ones. By contrast, in a set of NITIFLEX files the flexibility is practically constant throughout the range. • The special alloy, special design and special machining procedures used for NITIFLEX files also give them outstanding long-term sharpness and fatigue strength • With the NITIFLEX file you can use either balanced force or a conventional filing technique. No new techniques are needed, but the clinical work becomes easier

H-File Nitiflex Files- Niti Files


- This product is returnable and fully refundable.

- The returns are accepted within 2 days.( First day starting from the time of delivery.)

- Any damaged occured to the product at customers hand, will not be accepted for return

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