Directions for use: Prepare working solution by diluting the concentrate with water to a desired concentration. The level of dilution depends on a desired spectrum and duration of action. In order to obtain 0.5% concentration, dilute 5 ml of the concentrate with 995 ml of water. Immerse the instruments in the solution immediately after use. All parts and holes must be completely filled in and covered by the solution. Once disinfected, rinse the instruments with water and dry. After disinfection rinse the instruments with water and dry them. The uncontaminated working solution is active for 14 days. For hygiene reasons, it is recommended to exchange the working solution on a daily basis. Do not combine with other detergents or disinfectants. For professional use only.


Active ingredients: amine, QAC, enzyme, corrosion inhibitors


Packaging units: 1L bottle with doser, 5L canister


Application: Viruton� Extra is a highly effective concentrate for simultaneous cleaning and disinfecting surgical and rotary instruments. It contains an enzyme � protease, which provides excellent cleaning properties. Designed for manual disinfection, as well as in ultrasonic cleaners. The product presents anti-corrosion properties and high a material compatibility. It is recommended for instruments made of stainless steel, nickel, copper, aluminium, rubber, porcelain, glass and plastic. Has a positive opinion of Chirmed � instruments manufacturer and Vimex � manufacturer of endoscopes.

Instrument Disinfectant


- This product is returnable and fully refundable.

- The returns are accepted within 2 days.( First day starting from the time of delivery.)

- Any damaged occured to the product at customers hand, will not be accepted for return

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