Lidocaine 2 %  With Epinephrine 1:80000 New Stetic

- Lidocaine 2% E-80is an anesthetic injectable solution (parental of low volume) for dental use, indicated to produce local anesthetic, applied by infiltration or nerve block techniques. This product may be used by well-trained staff.

- Lidocaine 2% E-80 has the following commercial presentations:· 

- Glass carpule: Type I Glass cylinder cartridges (borosilicate).

- Plastic carpule: Unadulterated polypropylene cylinder cartridges.

-Both presentations have the same type of remand dental cartridge seal: Ram: Natural rubber 66 P Red Ram. Dental cartridge seal with grey Lined Seal 81/8898 aluminum diaphragm and natural rubber.

- There are different commercial options for secondary vessels:

- Blisters packed in cardboard boxes, 50 capsules each.

-Plastic box, 50 capsules each.

Lidocaine 2 % With Epinephrine 1:80000 New Stetic


- This product is returnable and fully refundable.

- The returns are accepted within 2 days.( First day starting from the time of delivery.)

- Any damaged occured to the product at customers hand, will not be accepted for return

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