Metapex Root Canal Filling Material

  • Metapex by Meta Biomed is a premixed root canal filling material composed of Calcium Hydroxide with Iodoform. It has excellent radiopacity and is ideal for many endodontic applications. Plus, it costs half as much as other leading root canal filling materials, making it a great choice for practice looking for quality and cost effectiveness.


  • Exposed pulp in capping and pulpotomy
  • Root canal filling for deciduous teeth
  • Internal and external root resorption
  • Wepping canal
  • Apexification
  • Metapex comes in a prefilled 2.2g syringe for easy delivery directly into the canal with the flexible plastic, ultra-fine Luer-lock needle tips included. Convenient rotator ring included allows for easy directional control of the tip. 
  • One 2.2g syringe, 20 disposable tips and one rotator ring per kit.

Metapex Root Canal Filling Material Metabiomed


Each Pack Includes

  • 1 syringe of 2.2g paste
  • 20 Disposable tips
  • One ring rotator for direction control of the tip
  • Dimension: 228 x 61 x 22 (mm)
  • Weight: 83g

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