My White Evolution Whitening Kit

- My White Evolution is a gel based on hydrogen peroxide (38%) supplied in two separate parts, the Activator (liquid) in a very elegant predose plastic strip and the Base (powder) supplied in a plastic container, which will be mixed in a very easy and quick procedure to obtain the active bleaching gel.

- The Base component, the special powder, allows the dental professionals to use a standard light cure lamp or the bleaching lamp to initiate the bleaching process. Thanks also to the special powder, the active gel color will change indicating to the professionals when the gel is active and working during the bleaching process and when the process is done.In other words, when oxygen radical liberation starts the oxidation process on the enamel and when the material is exhausted.

- The Activator component, the reactive liquid, is supplied in plastic strip. It makes very easy its manipulation and use during the gel preparation. Moreover, we avoid any possibility of liquid leakage during transportation or storage in the dental clinics.

- Another important feature of My White Evolution system is the extreme reduced bleaching procedure time. The total time of the complete irradiation protocol of a single patient is not superior than 12-18 minutes (4 steps or 6 steps of 3 minutes each). As the bleaching procedure is really fast, we have no demineralization of the enamel, in consequence, do not cause the most comom side effect of bleaching procedure, no sensitivity.

My White Evolution Whitening Kit

$220.00 Regular Price
$143.00Sale Price

- This product is returnable and fully refundable.

- The returns are accepted within 2 days.( First day starting from the time of delivery.)

- Any damaged occured to the product at customers hand, will not be accepted for return

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